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Originally posted on: December 4, 2022 at 9:40 PM UTC
Holly Jolly
Christmas is coming and I can’t wait for it!

safe2155022 artist:eledraws9911 izzy moonbow21113 pipp petals20487 sunny starscout20940 armadillo85 earth pony438166 pegasus488223 pony1583000 unicorn529122 g573328 abstract background23541 adorapipp3144 antlers3693 braid9615 braided ponytail657 candy9799 candy cane3331 clothes625858 colored wings13703 cute263309 female1781856 floral head wreath3167 flower38723 flying54266 food100018 glowing18427 glowing horn28733 happy43904 hat122724 high res406214 horn179445 izzybetes2596 magic95572 magic aura8771 mare728704 open mouth233249 open smile29482 ponytail26513 scarf31868 sitting90791 smiling390153 snow19482 spread wings92038 sunnybetes1767 telekinesis38591 trio25402 trio female5400 unshorn fetlocks45205 wings217192 winter hat532


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