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safe2151371 edit171010 edited screencap89147 editor:quoterific8458 screencap293417 princess celestia111714 princess luna116179 starlight glimmer59297 alicorn309474 pony1579252 unicorn527407 a royal problem2382 g42004437 angry36198 bags under eyes3076 celestia is not amused715 crown29340 ethereal mane13124 female1777769 frown35423 glare9010 gritted teeth19058 jewelry110399 looking at each other33436 looking at someone14861 luna is not amused681 mare726543 nervous8457 open mouth232366 open smile29128 peytral7144 regalia35634 royal sisters6559 sibling rivalry209 siblings21080 sisters17519 smiling388696 teeth20934 trio25249 trio female5325 unamused23700


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