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SUNSET: …Please tell me you disabled fall damage.
TWILIGHT [grinning]: Of course I did! I’m not silly.
[distant ragdoll noises]
TWILIGHT [nervously sweating]: …Oh right, I was supposed to turn on cheats first.

Rendered with 9 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples
38 lights used in this scene
Models used:
[*] - The jacket and jeans aren’t made for the ReVAmped body, therefore to make them work with that body, more manual adjustments have to be made in positioning.

safe2174321 artist:imafutureguitarhero510 sci-twi31344 sunset shimmer79118 twilight sparkle357733 alicorn314115 classical unicorn5553 unicorn537905 anthro359687 unguligrade anthro65296 art pack:fun n games 202227 g42028871 3d122636 :i1912 absurd resolution67461 arm fluff304 barrel2194 black bars384 boots33401 cheek fluff9517 chin fluff533 chromatic aberration2079 clothes634451 cloven hooves16588 colored eyebrows1518 colored eyelashes1485 crossover73099 crowbar217 denim2580 dialogue in the description132 duo169920 duo female30935 ear fluff50746 ear freckles544 female1802659 film grain506 fluffy19577 fluffy hair258 fluffy mane615 fluffy tail547 freckles43877 fur1107 gm construct27 gmod8446 grin62976 horn190426 jacket19921 jeans6555 leather3245 leather boots475 leather jacket5308 leg fluff5112 leonine tail14116 lesbian117646 letterboxing1703 looking at each other34332 looking at someone15984 mare741019 multicolored hair11842 multicolored mane4783 multicolored tail3312 neck fluff1495 outdoors21669 paintover180 pants22393 peppered bacon368 physgun9 revamped anthros1688 revamped ponies823 sci-twilicorn551 ship:sci-twishimmer2846 ship:sunsetsparkle5181 shipping254147 shirt40428 shoes59422 shorts19620 shoulder fluff3109 shoulder freckles1555 signature44011 smiling397412 source filmmaker67817 sunset shimmer is not amused298 tail100699 tail fluff467 tank top10898 this will end in death3678 this will end in pain2635 this will end in tears4329 this will end in tears and/or death2801 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149117 unamused24025 unshorn fetlocks46767 upside down7346 vulgar description282 wall of tags6643 water25474 weapon41241 wings222989


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