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Original description:
  • Zipp! Have you seen my apples?

Well, midnight snacks are dangerous. Especially when it comes to apples.

safe2175779 artist:rutkotka541 zipp storm16954 bat pony74989 pegasus497101 pony1604041 g575640 ...3226 bat ponified4941 bat wings16516 conversation865 dialogue93099 ear fluff50769 ears up1324 fangs40152 female1804309 mare742038 mirror7402 offscreen character52370 open mouth237841 race swap21691 raised eyebrows323 sharp teeth6382 shocked10127 shocked expression2170 shrunken pupils5390 solo1427146 species swap26663 speech bubble39471 teeth21989 throat414 tongue out147325 unshorn fetlocks46871 wings223344 zipp storm's cutie mark23 zippbat13


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Background Pony #098D
@Background Pony #B488
Oops! Thank you very much.I hadn’t paid attention to the tags I was marking. I’m not one to watch g4 that much, however, I already saw a quick look at Fluttershy baptized, so…Thank you very much for the comment :D (please report this image I posted, I didn’t know they had already published it)
Background Pony #098D
I saw in the tag that this image was published, thank you! I found Pinterest and I didn’t know who the author was and I didn’t know they had already published it. Thank you very much :) (how do I delete this post?)
Background Pony #9F45
What sort of a wack-a-doodle tags this horse whinny as “dragon” or “dragonified” when it is clearly a reference to the fruitbat-vampire-condition first seen in season 4 episode 7 titled “Bats!” where Fluttershy, in a spell gone wrong is in fact “batified” into a bat/pony hybrid that displays prominent fangs and bat-wings in place of the bird wings pegasi usually are depicted with. While I understand mixing bat wings with dragon wings, I’d imagine the added line of “Zipp have you seen my apples?” is there to further reinforce the reference to the season 4 episode 7 “Bats!” where the batified Fluttershy (also dubbed Flutterbat in the very same episode by Rarity) developed a taste for feasting on apples in a manner like how vampires in popular depictions feast on blood by biting into their selected prey with their fangs. I cannot believe you, a fan of the show missed all this and tagged this as “dragon” and “dragonified.”
Fake fan. *shakes head*