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White socks looks quite different from the black one.

safe2171480 alternate version86331 artist:fensu-san639 oc945979 oc only686642 oc:jeppesen144 pegasus495250 anthro358983 unguligrade anthro65193 bag9592 beautiful8600 book43482 bookshelf5629 bowtie14987 braid9853 braided tail1902 breasts390193 briefcase220 chair11753 clothes633120 commission116992 cottagecore1141 crepuscular rays4978 cute265379 desk4607 female1799467 flower39329 flower in hair12527 indoors8132 ink1526 inkwell640 kneesocks1454 lamp3867 legs11866 library4177 lidded eyes47855 lined paper5447 long hair8359 long tail5416 mare738900 plaid skirt852 pleated skirt4507 quill3384 quill pen244 reasonably sized breasts4149 scenery10407 school bag21 school uniform9549 schoolgirl2397 shirt40289 sitting92140 skirt55427 smiling396415 socks95260 solo1423734 spread wings94149 stockings48368 striped socks28241 studying344 tail100010 thigh highs59315 twin braids205 uniform16528 white socks291 window13967 wing fluff2378 wings222139 writing1529 zettai ryouiki2279


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