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safe1947882 artist:laymy115 pipp petals10907 pegasus395884 pony1297870 g537070 crown24290 electric guitar1401 female1581055 fender telecaster6 guitar5791 jewelry88888 mare605097 microphone6318 musical instrument13494 open mouth193503 open smile15066 regalia28969 signature34276 singing7342 sitting77168 smiling324079 solo1247440 telecaster7


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Background Pony #C24C
For some reason I envision this with the outro to Blink-182’s “Feeling This”. Hella sick riff.
Background Pony #1314
She kinda reminds me Michael Gira, the guitarrist and singer in the band SWANS.
Background Pony #8FF4
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That "Boop Edit" guy
“The next song I’ll play was written when I was very sad, my birth certificate had expired and I though I will die, so I went up on the top of the lighthouse to cast myself down, but then Posey came by and she said; Get ready, set, … !”