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Mane 6 Dragons - Quest for the Scale’y Belly - 4

Here it is, everyfur and everypony… MY PERSONAL FAVORITE of the Mane 6, in her dragonified glory! In fact, I took that design I did of her a couple of years back and enhanced upon it. I did good, huh?
ANYWAY, we CANNOT and MUST NOT let her down, fellas…! She got her trusty balloon (perhaps one of those balloons from the MLP:FIM theme intros). Not only that, a CITY full of delicious sweets and shakes (and frosting, even) ALL AT THE READY! The makings of ONE INCREDIBLE PARTY fit for a party dragon! Let’s DO THIS, Y’all!!

NOTE: $200 usd is needed to unlock dragon Ms. Sparkle here. For THIS one, AND because of current events, the deadline will be set to Monday evening August 15th!
At the time of uploading this, she needs another $195 usd.
As another reminder, if the character is NOT unlocked before the week is up, the amount for the next character’s week will cost minus half of the missed week’s amount, and they will not be featured in the Finale.

Don’t forget: you can contribute using one of the two below, or both: (be sure to caption with “M6D”)
safe1916980 artist:rupertbluefox267 pinkie pie234402 dragon68228 series:mane6dragonsquestscaleybelly16 absurd resolution70363 balloon11452 balloon fetish529 balloon riding322 bedroom eyes69850 blushing230709 cute228083 diapinkes11298 dragoness11497 dragonified1842 fat25188 fat fetish2256 female1552622 fetish47216 incentive drive317 lying down29594 pinkiedragon85 progress280 prone29851 sitting75305 smiling314816 species swap22928 squishy3075 teeth13707 that dragon sure does love balloons9 that pony sure does love balloons705 this will end in weight gain460 wings162674


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