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safe2155438 artist:melodylibris341 rainbow dash277492 pegasus488415 pony1583383 g42008279 blushing269194 bronybait3368 clothes626061 dialogue91175 dress61053 female1782314 gala dress5383 gray background13977 looking at you254839 mare728956 rainbow dash always dresses in style1949 simple background585955 smiling390362 solo1410558 talking to viewer5734 underhoof68068


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Background Pony #A8CE
@The Smiling Pony
Oh, I see what threw me off. I was thinking that the shoes had the high part at the front, like the Princesses’ shoes, so I had the impression that their hoof was on backwards. I get it now.
Edit: Wait, maybe it is, if the heel of their “hand” is up. …I feel like Calvin in that comic where he can see both sides of an issue and is running through the house crashing into things because he’s lost perspective :D
Neat! And yes, lots of ball joints :)
WisdomVision F.
Artist -

(Oh my gosh, don’t freak out, don’t freak out! Dashie is asking me to dance with her. Try to stay calm and whatever you do, don’t embarrass her and yourself in front of everyone else and make her look uncool. And try to have fun.)
“Yes dashie, I will dance with you!” :)
(Could’ve said that a little more calm. Oh well, too late now.)
Background Pony #A8CE
Hopefully there aren’t too many injuries. I really should practice some dancing in the privacy of my own home.
Also your foreleg seems to be bending oddly :)