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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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the mane 5! (commission for @connor_gregory8)

safe2154895 artist:leo19969525230 hitch trailblazer13577 izzy moonbow21112 pipp petals20487 sunny starscout20932 zipp storm16491 earth pony438120 pegasus488146 pony1582857 unicorn529060 g573308 adorapipp3145 adorazipp1184 blushing269027 christmas20982 clothes625799 commission114891 couch12293 crown29434 cute263299 eating13203 eyebrows23385 eyebrows visible through hair10919 female1781689 group7674 hearth's warming1222 hearth's warming eve1658 high res406203 hitchbetes604 holiday34832 horn179363 izzybetes2596 jewelry110788 male543270 mane3343 mane five4110 mare728608 onesie1202 open mouth233216 pajamas4112 phone12258 present8853 quintet460 regalia35747 simple background585762 sitting90787 smiling390103 stallion191803 sunnybetes1767 tail95987 white background157698


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