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I wonder what Her riddle means?
And yes it’s horni posting time.
suggestive167327 artist:pabbley2547 sphinx (character)1082 sphinx2271 bedroom eyes69935 belly button92462 clothes540052 cute228287 cute little fangs2650 dialogue77004 egyptian1326 egyptian headdress350 egyptian pony617 fangs31578 female1553996 grayscale42854 high res81032 lying down29677 monochrome161128 neo noir385 on back28574 open mouth187412 open smile13075 panties56098 partial color5949 pregnant14917 smiling315194 solo1225246 sweat32070 talking to viewer3948 thong6839 underwear68775


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Oh no, giant cat babies. Now being a father is gonna be both fun and scary.
Actually if put it in this perspective, if there giants cats, you can ride on them when there grown
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Based on her belly size she’s at least passed 2/3 of the gestation period.
How long exactly it lasts for sphinxes?
Based on their magical nature I’d say 400 year or something like that.
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Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom
Hmmm. I didn’t mean about vampire one. I said that a sphinx has cat body as lower body, that means sphinx can has pregnancy period around 3 months.
But speaking too far, they’re basically mystical creatures. So can’t be a benchmark that they have biological functions like you said before. Because science doesn’t reach this researchment yet.
Background Pony #F871
How long are sphinx pregnancies that she’s that far along and still has 9 months to go?