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Who wants to take care of little applejack?
Too be honest applejack is my very first crush ❤️ since I start to love the Show.
Who is you favourite pony in the MLP ?
#mlp #mylittlepony #mlpfanart #mlpart #mlp2022 #applejack #brony #mlpfim

safe2150952 artist:mar0x846 applejack198567 earth pony436370 pony1578790 g42004232 apple20944 applejack's hat14006 box6342 bronybait3364 cowboy hat25125 cute262609 female1777342 food99740 freckles42810 hat122392 jackabetes7868 looking at you253637 mare726338 pony in a box1373 simple background583938 solo1407129 stetson5815 white background157031


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Sanity is overrated
How could I say no and not feel guilty for the rest of my life. Also, AJ is pretty good at taking care of herself, so she’s probably not much work. At least less work than my cat is =)