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A commission for my friend, Mark Spence. He commissioned me to draw a rather pissed off Celestia who just made contact with the ground.
The scene is based off of a story seen here www.fimfiction.net/story/28674…
I took the liberty to be a little more creative in the color aspect, considering her hair isnt the tradition blue, pink and purple that it normally is. I didn’t think the pleasant colors would work in a scene where Celestia’s rage is turning her hair into fire. So I used a darker purple, magenta and red and used her normal hair color as highlights in some cases.
it was a fun piece that I will also have an a print at conventions.
safe1972623 artist:jadedjynx212 princess celestia105125 alicorn274649 pony1324565 angry32657 badass3544 color porn1110 eyestrain warning526 fanfic art16879 female1604330 fire13835 frown28833 furious391 glowing12598 glowing eyes13658 gritted teeth16628 high res86759 jewelry91361 magic86536 mare618919 regalia29849 solo1269060 spread wings75533 teeth15402 wings175325


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Pure awesomeness!
Badass Action Celestia is best Celestia, only potentially challenged by Momlestia.
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Then Derpy comes along with a rain cloud and douses Celestia to put out the fire.
“You’re welcome, Princess!”