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safe1975280 artist:bobthedalek1024 dj pon-331602 octavia melody26028 vinyl scratch31602 earth pony363092 pony1327655 unicorn448217 britavia35 duo119010 eating11750 female1606870 food88001 hoof hold10945 levitation14304 magic86720 mare620073 mug5489 octavia is not amused407 sandwich2305 simple background503699 sitting78936 table11309 teapot1232 telekinesis34362 unamused20731 union jack164 white background130966


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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English is dumb sometimes, huh?
Also I just now noticed the union jack bowtie on Octy. Looking good. ;)
EDIT: Wow, I just read the article in the description. I can’t imagine the embarrassment of the manufacturers when they realized (realised?) this blunder. XD
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You gotta love how the Mr. Baxter instead of apologizing is embracing the aburdity and marketing it. That’s the mind of a savvy buisnessman right there.
Yet One More Idiot
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World's biggest idiot xD
The Queen’s Silver Jubbly was in 1977.
Her Golden Jubbly was in 2002.
Her Diamond Jubbly was in 2012.
Her Platinum Jubbly is in 2022.
Her Oak Jubbly will be in 2032.
Her Granite Jubbly will be in 2042. (Check it!)
And her Lovely Jubbly will be in 2052. =^^=
Neko Majin C
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Jubbly sounds dirty. And also like it should be pluralized. She has got a nice pair of Jubblies. Oh, shit! You kicked me right in my Jubblies!