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safe2200807 artist:meekcheep208 apple bloom60623 babs seed6403 scootaloo59262 sweetie belle57270 earth pony516021 fairy1501 pegasus508812 pony1631207 unicorn551189 g42056902 2016780 adorababs203 adorabloom3940 bipedal50429 bomb870 crossover73744 cute269610 cutealoo3985 cutie mark crusaders22614 diasweetes3784 female1832665 filly99420 fire rod3 foal46566 group8287 hammer2288 hat126771 magic98113 mouth hold24077 navi192 nintendo3921 old art3815 potion3045 pyro belle63 quartet1491 sword14965 the legend of zelda4073 the legend of zelda: four swords17 war hammer359 weapon41868


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Just don’t attack Scootaloo, she’ll summon a thousand clones of her to destroy you.
(This is the only kind of Scootaloo chicken joke I’ll make.)