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safe2118846 artist:golden bloom41 applejack196200 fluttershy252089 pinkie pie250063 rainbow dash272912 rarity212948 twilight sparkle349907 alicorn302883 bird13277 duck1510 earth pony423635 pegasus471780 pony1479955 unicorn512881 g41930941 the last problem7836 alternate hairstyle36403 apple20591 applejack's hat13623 bags under eyes3003 basket4260 blurry803 blurry background2186 book42172 bush4379 clothes611923 confetti2546 cowboy hat24540 crown28683 cup8661 cutie mark51507 ears back3673 ethereal hair461 ethereal mane12772 ethereal tail1851 eye wrinkles88 eyeshadow27728 feels1668 female1740444 floppy ears70408 flower37537 flower in hair11882 flying52794 folded wings17703 food97316 granny smith's shawl287 grass14580 group7160 happy42824 hat119629 hoof shoes9086 jacket18869 jewelry107038 lying down41862 makeup37506 mane six36827 mare703742 memories243 memory107 mountain7297 older37792 older applejack1042 older fluttershy1041 older mane six476 older pinkie pie974 older rainbow dash1251 older rarity989 older twilight3203 open mouth225579 open smile26510 outdoors19781 peytral6796 picnic basket775 picnic blanket1456 ponytail25669 princess shoes883 princess twilight 2.03658 prone33714 reading7868 regalia34784 scarf30912 sextet326 shirt38209 shoes56696 skunk stripe411 sky21950 smiling377207 snow18463 sparkles8112 sparkling hair3 sparkling mane59 sparkling tail6 spread wings88536 tail89296 tree46084 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146079 twilight sparkle's cutie mark587 wholesome1245 wing hole157 wings208443 wrinkles337 zipper1135


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