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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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Based on this very revealing dress that Vanessa Hudgens (Sunny’s voice actor in the movie) wore to today’s Met Gala

safe2154762 artist:taytinabelle192 sunny starscout20905 earth pony438047 pony1582731 g573274 my little pony: a new generation14636 spoiler:g532134 :o6611 beautiful8476 clothes625751 collar47260 colored ear fluff183 cute263274 dress61007 ear fluff49279 ear piercing42706 earring31967 female1781554 gala dress5382 gray background13938 jewelry110784 lingerie13845 mare728506 met gala2 open mouth233176 piercing62670 ponified50289 see-through7370 simple background585722 solo1410071 stockings47705 sunnybetes1767 vanessa hudgens53 voice actor joke2501


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Literal Gay Lord
That’s absolutely beautiful.
… And I dig the concept of “ponies wearing dresses that were worn by their voice actors”. I’d like to see more of that just in general.