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There’s a glitch in DeviantArt that doesn’t let me post the original description text, so I decided to copy and paste everything here.
After watching the film MLP A new generation many months ago, I decided to make a fanart I had in mind since then. This is princess Twilight Sparkle giving her book of friendship to Sunny Starscout.
The drawing and composition are based on a Zelda Breath of the Wild illustration made by Takumi Wada, where the Link from the first game gives the Master Sword to the Link from the Switch game. Making this while listening some music that hits my heart made the process more enjoyable and exciting. Unlike other fanarts, this took me much less time (everything was done in one day) because it didn’t require a time-consuming drawing process. I didn’t want to overcomplicate things.
I wish I made this many months ago, I really do. Sunny Starscout couldn’t be more likeable and more relatable. Her character is so well done, and I think that’s exactly the type of main character that the G5 needs. You know, apart from a colorful world, cute ponies and pop songs. I’d like to watch Make your Mark once it’s released, because I think G5 has tons of potential. I want to see new characters, new worlds, new conflicts, new icons, new themes, new challenges, new character arcs, etc. The overall impression of A new generation was positive, which helps me to be more optimist than I already am when it comes to the adventures of Sunny in the future.
To avoid some possible misunderstandings, the G5 characters have their cutie mark on the right side of their butts. That’s why there’s no cutie mark for Sunny from this angle.
But yeah, I really enjoyed making this. Have fun and enjoy the ride, Sunny! I believe in you, you and your new friends!
Take care everyone! :)

safe2155660 artist:ringteam438 sunny starscout20963 twilight sparkle354931 alicorn310382 earth pony438390 pony1583577 g42008528 g573399 the last problem8041 book43012 book of harmony166 butt227102 concave belly3725 crown29464 duo164738 duo female29697 ethereal mane13175 ethereal tail2028 female1782536 folded wings18982 g4 to g5772 generation leap10406 glowing18442 glowing horn28743 height difference2161 high res406265 hoof on chest1371 hoof shoes9404 horn179859 jewelry110866 lighting779 long mane6609 looking at each other33575 magic95611 magic aura8779 mare729090 older39576 older twilight4313 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3806 peytral7191 plot141273 princess shoes1039 princess twilight 2.03772 regalia35782 slender5302 smiling390430 smiling at each other2386 sunny and her heroine347 tail96220 tall1238 telekinesis38614 thin8205 twibutt9023 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148126 unshorn fetlocks45274 wholesome1364 wings217454


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