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Why she mad tho
safe1917578 artist:buttersprinkle369 pipp petals8795 pegasus382017 pony1265206 g529527 my little pony: a new generation13214 angry31541 butt155110 colored pupils11617 cute228170 dock59431 eyelashes20422 feathered wings1444 female1553251 floppy ears62250 folded wings11358 frown27362 looking at you207060 looking back70585 looking back at you21467 madorable893 mare587311 open mouth187256 pipp butt144 pipp petals is not amused116 plot106355 rear view17088 solo1224593 tail57825 unamused19595 unshorn fetlocks33887 wings162761


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Background Pony #54A8
Poor Pip…she’s only a couple of inches shorter that Sunny and everyone talks about her as if she were quantum-realm size.
I know why she’s mad…somepony unfriended her on Instagallop.