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When no one is the brave one 🤣

safe2197560 artist:galaxy swirl296 applejack202392 rainbow dash282872 earth pony514711 pegasus507365 pony1627973 spider2413 g42053378 :t4472 arachnophobia125 broom2503 dialogue95485 ear fluff52257 eye clipping through hair15404 eyebrows25832 eyebrows visible through hair12588 female1828918 lesbian119096 mare758018 phobia65 shading4243 ship:appledash7967 shipping257490 shrunken pupils5524 signature45652 spider web1108


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Non-Fungible Trixie -
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

The itsy bitsy spider climbed on a pony mare
The itsy bitsy spider put venom in somewhere
The itsy bitsy spider laid eggs inside the corpse
The babies came, through skin and vein, they burst through desiccated corpse
The many, many spiders are on the hunt again
If you are not careful, they’ll be your untimely end!