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Original description:
A painting with Twilight first flight with her hoofmade wings ! This painting was the last piece I made, a day before we were told to stop working on the m6
Plus a concept art of prototype “Sheriff” called the judge and his deputy !
safe1973916 artist:imalou695 boulder media159 twilight sparkle333210 earth pony362562 pony1326094 g541147 my little pony: a new generation13868 artificial wings2404 augmented3503 behind the scenes388 boulder media logo111 concept art1894 cute236706 earth pony twilight481 female1605687 flying47471 g5 concept leaks1020 hasbro2547 hasbro logo600 logo5104 mare619547 mechanical wing730 my little pony: a new generation logo394 netflix689 netflix logo363 solo1270277 twiabetes13873 twilight sparkle (g5 concept leak)269 wings175610


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Background Pony #3156
Do they? G4 was originally only supposed to last 3 seasons and season 3 was a half season.
Unless G5 explodes in popularity again, between digital distribution and Hasbro being a toy company I don’t see G5 lasting very long or very focused on the Main 5.
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@Background Pony #3156
They definitely have all the time in the world to properly characterize them in the show. I like the dead time between introduction and character development anyways; it gives us time to come up with fun fanon stuff like Pipp being smol and Izzy’s tennis ball and Sunny being a gigantic fangirl. We might get Sunny with artificial wings yet, if they decide her ghost alicorn powers are temporary or can only be used in short bursts :D
Background Pony #3156
Who knows. If you actually break down the movie, we don’t know much about the new cast.
As much as I love the fandom memes, the movie itself didn’t actually feature the new characters much. Sunny and Hitch are obvious main character material and Pipp is a streamer of some kind but Zipp is… a rebel princess that no one pays attention to? Izzy is the fun one that… somethingsomething sad unicorn village? And Sprout is… SCENE TIME IS UP TIME TO GO!
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A Baby Demon
Maaan seeing this makes me sad. I’m not like a g5 basher or anything but I can already glean more about Twilight’s personality from this image than I could about Sunny’s from the entirety of the g5 movie.