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safe1922495 artist:thebatfang329 berry punch7035 berryshine7035 lyra heartstrings31746 princess celestia103307 alicorn265025 earth pony339852 pony1269889 unicorn421767 alcohol8544 cake11148 clothes541203 crown23396 cute228854 cutelestia3919 date1045 dinner283 dress51999 eye clipping through hair10247 eye reflection890 eyebrows13817 eyebrows visible through hair7225 female1557298 food84043 glass5643 glowing10615 glowing horn24309 grin50168 high res81222 horn109114 jewelry86256 levitation13861 looking at you207883 magic83893 magic aura6127 mare589735 offscreen character42032 pov16473 red wine43 reflection3890 regalia27791 restaurant841 smiling316355 smiling at you12300 solo1227892 telekinesis32867 wine3003 wine glass1836


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