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safe1972804 artist:inowiseei329 hitch trailblazer8083 izzy moonbow14035 kenneth181 mcsnips-a-lot181 pipp petals12079 sunny starscout12816 zipp storm9465 bird11555 crab1252 earth pony362095 pegasus407275 pony1324821 unicorn447065 g541027 my little pony: a new generation13856 cellphone6303 chest fluff53398 circlet111 cliff1319 commission96833 detailed background1618 ear fluff41710 female1604599 flower32829 flying47448 grass12693 hug33590 jewelry91391 looking at each other27635 looking at someone7431 looking down11923 male460339 mane five (g5)2471 mare619043 ocean9274 one eye closed39922 open mouth198079 open smile16615 outdoors16056 phone10033 raised hoof59939 sash400 scenery9307 sitting78726 sky19164 smartphone4083 smiling331637 spread wings75556 stallion150406 tiara5628 unshorn fetlocks36380 wall of tags5425 water18877 wings175384


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10 years of a ride...
I put this as my wallpaper as soon as I first saw it. I am an Izzy fan, but… I cannot get over how adorable Sunny looks here 😍
Background Pony #27C3
Fun fact: This artwork has been scaled down 10 times smaller than its original size.
Background Pony #254E
It’s not perfect, but I tried using content-aware scale to make a wallpaper version: