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safe2174849 artist:inowiseei357 hitch trailblazer13919 izzy moonbow21683 kenneth342 mcsnips-a-lot336 pipp petals20978 sunny starscout21517 zipp storm16935 bird13738 crab1514 earth pony446553 pegasus496720 pony1602992 seagull619 unicorn538202 g575518 my little pony: a new generation14776 blaze (coat marking)3814 cellphone8022 chest fluff65568 circlet162 cliff1465 cloud43258 coat markings13527 commission117388 detailed background2451 ear fluff50735 facial markings6172 female1803270 flower39503 flying55093 grass15361 house3477 hug37609 jewelry113135 looking at each other34359 looking at someone16021 looking down14714 male550926 mane five4224 mare741401 ocean12666 one eye closed45753 open mouth237654 open smile31303 outdoors21701 phone12456 raised hoof69973 sash703 scenery10449 scenery porn1136 sitting92402 sky23162 smartphone5359 smiling397609 socks (coat markings)8122 spread wings94569 stallion195772 tiara7014 unshorn fetlocks46805 wall of tags6653 water25509 wings223093


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10 years of a ride...
I put this as my wallpaper as soon as I first saw it. I am an Izzy fan, but… I cannot get over how adorable Sunny looks here 😍
Background Pony #27C3
Fun fact: This artwork has been scaled down 10 times smaller than its original size.
Background Pony #254E
It’s not perfect, but I tried using content-aware scale to make a wallpaper version: