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Sunny and Hitch having a friendly competition.
Originally wanted to draw actual exsisting controllers or just something based on real ones, but how do you do that for creatures with hooves. So I just made something up.

P.s.: For those who may be interested there was no art for a while because I became sick than I took a short break. But I’m back now. Also I have a new graphic tablet so there’s a tiny jankyness with my art as I get used to it.

safe1947982 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen1063 hitch trailblazer7467 izzy moonbow12850 pipp petals10908 sunny starscout11961 sunset shimmer71608 earth pony351673 pegasus395927 pony1297947 unicorn434927 g537075 my little pony: a new generation13587 blaze (coat marking)2620 chest fluff52078 cloven hooves12615 coat markings8714 controller2760 ear fluff40604 facial markings3812 female1581120 gamer hitch4 gamer sunny starscout4 glowing11504 glowing horn24794 horn112866 joystick253 leg fluff3812 leonine tail11057 magic85249 magic aura6323 male451355 mare605131 one ear down927 open mouth193542 playing1714 stallion145962 sweat32970 sweatdrops1515 tail62409 unshorn fetlocks35064 video game5540


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Background Pony #751A
Hopefully this time Sunny didn’t get overconfident and bet any ancient relicts that could unite the three tribes.
Rozy Fly
Artist -

Sprout is the best
Yes, she’s Pipp’s sister. And too bad Sprout wasn’t invited as well… :/ I mean he’s Hitch’s and Sunny’s best childhood friend. Especially Hitch’s