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And so the call went out that the Princess Celestia, beloved sole ruler of Equestria, wished to conduct the most thorough stellar mapping of the sky ever attempted. Ponies whose talents and cutie marks had led to them becoming the greatest minds in the field of Astronomy were called to Canterlot for a grand project that would take years to complete. In under a decade, the city became the leading hub of research into the movement of the Heavens, and although the need for such a thing baffled the common pony, (For why would the very being that controlled the night sky for nearly a thousand years need it studied?) any who witnessed their Princess on a visit to Canterlot’s great observatory could sense how deeply the Princess cared for this work.
And as the ponies conducting the studies collaborated and advanced their field, more deep connections were made, spilling over into private hours and personal lives…
This one is just an exploration of my own headcanon about Twilight’s parents meeting thanks to Celestia needing to investigate the prophecy involving her sister’s escape. It’s been in the works for a while.
safe1902756 artist:harwick280 night light2657 princess celestia102466 sunset shimmer70243 twilight velvet4897 alicorn261321 pony1250174 unicorn412691 female1539744 filly79827 filly sunset shimmer207 foal24313 full moon4013 glowing9808 glowing horn23772 hoof shoes7027 horn105832 husband48 husband and wife1834 implied twilight sparkle2178 jewelry84378 leg fluff3682 male436239 mare579713 mare in the moon1905 moon26656 mug5140 night30888 nightvelvet588 observatory61 pregnant14727 raised hoof56627 regalia27144 shipping222842 stallion139096 stars18886 straight153746 wife121 younger19407


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