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safe2197990 artist:kittyrosie1451 twilight sparkle361139 alicorn319504 pony1628449 g42053925 :p14615 absurd resolution67895 blushing279202 chest fluff67247 cute269188 ear fluff52289 female1829464 full body8081 horn203890 mare758292 multicolored mane5267 multicolored tail3678 purple eyes6419 simple background609331 sitting94326 smiling405975 solo1445671 spread wings97425 starry eyes5989 stars23913 tail106908 tongue out149749 twiabetes15516 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150797 underhoof70080 weapons-grade cute4719 white background166526 wingding eyes41709 wings229712


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