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suggestive193527 artist:lupin quill1420 pipp petals22002 pegasus513313 pony1641125 g579586 my little pony: a new generation14946 adipipp109 alternate hairstyle39010 belly47503 big belly20403 bingo wings4292 butt238529 chubby cheeks5640 fat29480 fat fetish3356 female1844896 fetish58681 flabby chest777 high res410076 large butt35290 lineless5751 mare767718 morbidly obese10669 near immobile491 neck roll1882 obese15722 panting3966 plot148888 rolls of fat2911 solo1456356 solo female239881 tongue out151095 waddle56


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Background Pony #3722
@Lupin Quill
I like how big pipp’s belly is, I wish I could hug and squish it. Hope you have a merry Christmas and again sorry about the vore comment
From background pony #741E
Background Pony #3722
@Lupin Quill
Sorry I didn’t want to sound mean but I do like this chubby Pipp imagine. I just like it when there is a bit o wholesomeness to vore. Please don’t heat me
Background Pony #741E
No that is not what pipp would do. She would not do something so cruel. She would only eat people if they were willing or she would asked if they wanted to spend time in her belly,and even if she digested them they would come back with a reform spell. I don’t want to be rude but I just feel like that would be better than her just being mean to people. Willing vore is just better In my opinion