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safe1948395 artist:uotapo1043 ocellus6317 smolder10173 changedling10304 changeling57661 dragon70598 armpits45010 bipedal43179 cute232411 cuteness overload249 diaocelles1170 dragoness11917 duo107660 duo female18867 female1581620 looking at you212869 one eye closed39170 open mouth193629 open smile15084 peace sign3920 smiling324222 smiling at you13301 smolderbetes1462 sweet dreams fuel1862 wink29209 winking at you2167


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
They are an adorable pair, whatever the status of the shipping debate (though the name of the picture - Smolcellus - is a portmanteau of their names and this is usually something most often done with romantic couples, but anyway…)
In short: VERY CUTE! :D
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Cool Spook
Guys, a mod removed the shipping tags before if you look up the history of the tags. If you want to add them, take it up to them first.

Can you think of a better way of doing it?
I mean, we paired up Vinyl and Octavia years before they ever got any screen time together, based exclusively on the fact they both had musical cutie marks.
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Young Leosword
I don’t answer questions I can’t understand.
I replied to a comment that referred to The Last Problem, which shared “friendship” pairs with A Matter of Principals. Artists then followed through on the shows “implications”. However, none of which is sufficient reason to reroute other Student Six ships. I’m personally fond of SilverCellus. :3
Background Pony #32AA
Cloaca Sisters 4life! That’s like Bosom Buddies for you mammalian types.
Non-mammals gotta stick together.
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