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Artist Desc:
This is how I wanted to depict the scene from G5 movie.
If Twilight created pony artifacts, she and her friends could appear as a vision, while entrusting their magic to Sunny and her new group of friends.
What will Sunny do with the gift? I can’t wait for the series to get some answers.
There is something personal, that I wanted to say.
I’m very grateful to all people, who created the MLP G5 movie, their work inspired me so much, that I started to draw again. I just didn’t believe, that it would be possible, and I feel now, that my personality became complete again (because drawing is a meaningful part of my life).
I don’t know, how you did that, but it is an amazing work, congrats! Thanks to artists, animators, 3d modelers, music composer and voice actors, you’re awesome! You’re making our lifes better by ‘igniting our sparks’.

safe2085792 artist:roadsleadme106 applejack194092 fluttershy248764 pinkie pie247118 rainbow dash269390 rarity210656 sunny starscout17077 twilight sparkle345893 alicorn295692 earth pony409226 ghost3720 pegasus456345 pony1444582 undead5210 unicorn497567 g558470 my little pony: a new generation14458 the last problem7685 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation6186 absurd file size3115 absurd resolution74264 artificial wings2778 augmented3969 glowing16047 glowing horn27559 horn134209 magic92041 magic horn481 magic wings1341 mane six36406 older36953 older applejack1017 older fluttershy1009 older mane six465 older pinkie pie948 older rainbow dash1195 older rarity966 older twilight3087 open mouth218352 princess twilight 2.03579 race swap19724 sunny and her heroine253 sunnycorn1266 twilight sparkle (alicorn)144111 wings199957


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