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safe2155725 artist:dstears736 hitch trailblazer13600 izzy moonbow21137 pipp petals20504 sunny starscout20965 zipp storm16521 earth pony438410 pegasus488517 pony1583633 unicorn529464 g573406 my little pony: a new generation14649 alf20 cellphone7884 circling stars548 dizzy1074 female1782577 hoof hold12689 knocked silly53 male543573 mane five4115 mare729114 pain star191 phone12262 pogs9 sitting90844 smartphone5250 stallion191942 swirly eyes3380 tongue out145069


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As the cutie marks of the mane six in FIM and the mane five in G5 came in POG form when zip storm tossed a POG as Alf when it ricocheted off pip petal’s left front hoof and KO hitch trailblazer when the few hope a few degrees to the left would have damaged pip petal’s smartphone.
Background Pony #77FA
I remember when these came in chip packets, a kid brought 12 packs of chips, collected the tazos and tossed the chips :/
Background Pony #BC4E
“O-Officer down,I repeat officer down”
Cute and funny bring back got old memories.
Anyone remember playing this?
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I’d say this was “ponies gone poggers”, or say that “Zipp is our little pogchamp”, but there’s one problem with such statements.
They’d make sense, which is simply not how “poggers” and “pogchanp” work.