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“These ears go up to eleven!”
“Thorax Trolling Twilight”

This is how I imagine the first days after S6 finale were like. Twilight was anxious to study the changedlings, but Thorax was in a playful mood and she was too excited to notice something was odd.
At first I wanted to use Ocellus, but then I realized that by S8, changedlings were “old news” (so to speak), and Ocellus takes her studies seriously, she would not troll Twilight like this. So Thorax it was.
A silly idea I got for the 11th anniversary prompt. This is the first time I’ve drawn our favorite Big Bug Boi.
(Had to upload a PNG, because SVG uploads appear to be borked. There’s no preview image.)

safe2173814 artist:jp114 derpibooru exclusive40481 thorax5487 twilight sparkle357655 alicorn314033 changedling11481 changeling65888 pony1601999 g42028511 big ears2238 book43549 cute265673 duo169766 female1802144 glowing19120 glowing horn29127 happy44499 happy birthday mlp:fim1555 high res407794 horn190218 impossibly large ears919 inkwell642 king thorax3848 levitation16247 magic96607 magic aura8998 male550516 mare740714 measuring tape1364 mlp fim's eleventh anniversary227 open mouth237424 open smile31204 quill3391 simple background596010 sitting92322 smiling397256 telekinesis39051 transparent background284319 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149089 vector89862


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Snugs are Drugs for Bugs
Glad to see I wasn’t the only one thinking about Twilight nerding out about the new changelings! I recently printed my story about this.