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Sneaky cookies
OC : Princess Vita
Char : Luna / Celestia
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safe2173361 artist:redxbacon2292 princess celestia112661 princess luna117157 oc947015 oc:princess vita3 earth pony445895 pegasus496106 pony1601563 unicorn537546 g42027515 bandana7244 carrying3094 cewestia1938 comic135371 cookie5023 cookie jar456 ears back4208 female1801675 filly97314 food101230 freckles43822 lifting828 looking up24010 neckerchief2733 open mouth237299 open smile31153 partially open wings2207 pegasus luna51 pink-mane celestia3127 race swap21637 raised hoof69843 royal sisters6727 shelf851 siblings21783 simple background595675 sisters17950 smiling397079 speech3703 speech bubble39277 standing24985 standing on one leg1372 stealing476 talking10784 text89511 trio26090 unicorn celestia165 white background161490 wings222728 woona5671 worried5644 young celestia516 young luna320 younger22834


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Background Pony #843B
2, maybe 3 sore plots in their future depending on if Luna avoids temptation.