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A doodle I made earlier that I kind of appreciated so I ended up coloring it! This is from an Au I’m doing with a friend, but you can also take it simply as Twilight thanking Sunny for giving life again to everything she worked so hard with and was destroyed after her reign. I think Sunny’s transformation is temporary, so this is like… Twilight’s spirit making her a full alicorn later on or giving her the power to turn into it when necessary. I’ve been in pony mood recently

safe2155642 artist:aurychase1 artist:standreamy12 sunny starscout20959 twilight sparkle354929 alicorn310379 earth pony438379 pony1583553 g42008518 g573389 the last problem8041 ascension122 crying54986 female1782515 g4 to g5772 glowing18442 glowing horn28743 horn179853 magic95611 older39576 older twilight4313 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3806 princess twilight 2.03772 smiling390422 sunny and her heroine347 tears of joy3458 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148124


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