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Older model render showed Zipp also has princess accessories, but unlike Pipp’s, her is silver. In the movie it seemed like she didn’t want to be called a princess, even tho she is the heir to the throne.
I wonder if she doesn’t want to be the next queen. Maybe they will explore it in the show.
safe1974522 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen1077 zipp storm9504 pegasus408100 pony1326929 g541195 my little pony: a new generation13872 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation6007 butt fluff478 cheek feathers40 cheek fluff7879 chest fluff53505 colored eyebrows524 crown25057 ear fluff41803 feathered fetlocks865 female1606098 fluffy16928 frown28868 hoof fluff2658 hoof hold10918 jewelry91567 leg fluff3940 looking at something3912 mare619788 regalia29937 sitting78871 slim2348 solo1270732 sternocleidomastoid629 tail66813 tail feathers1144 thin1483 unshorn fetlocks36495 wing fluff1960 wings175757 zephyr heights282


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I wonder if she doesn’t want to be the next queen.
I’m suddenly reminded of The Republic by Plato, and his idea that the ideal ruler would be a “philosopher king”, who would hate falsehood, be courageous, athletic, and knowledgeable (he very specifically mentions education in mathematics), and who would have to be forced into the position of ruler because they would be reluctant to do anything other than seek new understanding and wisdom.
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We never DID learn how long it’s been since Gen 4. Or where the Alicorns went (aside from Sunny referring to Twilight and co. living in “ancient times”, which could imply thousands of years, with Gen 4’s Equestria being their equivalent of Ancient Rome!)
Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut if in Gen 4 pre-unification times, Unicorns had their unicorn royalty, I don’t see why the pegasi couldn’t have organised their own kingdom with its own royalty. ESPECIALLY if thousands of years have passed.
Heck, it is entirely possible that the magic didn’t turn off immediately, leading to some pegasi that could fly and others that couldn’t. Over time the remaining fliers would have organised into a higher caste of society, forming an aristocracy, and from that, the organisation of a monarchy is the next logical step. Then, as even the aristocrats lost their flight ability, the whole ‘pretend we fly by using Wuxia special effects’ thing was invented, and kept as a deep secret that only a select few were allowed to know, so that the upper class could remain the upper class.
Of course, this leads us to what might happen to the three separate pony tribes in Gen 5’s time. Would they want to form a unified kingdom again? Where are the alicorns? Would the alicorns take power? If Sunny remains an Alicorn, would they make her the new ruler? I doubt the show will go there and deal with like, them making political alliances or whatever. But it’s good fanfiction fodder.
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I still legit don’t think the Pegasi can truly be considered royalty, due to them not being Alicorns. Nonetheless, in the case that they are considered royalty, then I do think that Zipp has every right to cede the throne to her sister if she so wishes. I wonder how the show will deal with this dilema going forward, the idea of the Pegasi having royalty that isn’t truly royal.
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I recall an official description of Zipp saying “and would rather let her sister Pipp take over the throne”.
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