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Sweetie cooks as well as me, lol
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safe1922880 artist:provolonepone139 sweetie belle52509 pony1270368 robot9121 robot pony4413 unicorn422043 burnt180 chromatic aberration1739 cookie4291 cooking1235 dialogue77233 eye clipping through hair10248 food84058 messy mane8888 oven mitts234 solo1228146 speech bubble29689 sweetie belle can't cook73 sweetie bot1424 sweetie fail233


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“While I do appreciate the kind gesture, they seem to be a little too well-done to be considered edible.”
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Ah, yes, the true Turing Test: Getting distracted from following instructions, because they were doing something else.
I joke, but that honestly would be a really cool ‘holy~ shit~’ moment in AI.
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Just Wayne
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Umbreon is best Pokemon!
I can imagine her using her own built-in flamethrower to bake these cookies. That’s why they are so burned. :P
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Witty response attempts:  
for certain parameters of “cookies”
you also unmade the cookies
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