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Glimmer won the poll! Hopefully nothing nefarious ensues…
safe1922524 artist:heretichesh1552 scootaloo54624 starlight glimmer54103 pegasus383846 pony1269915 unicorn421778 butt163910 duo101105 equal cutie mark1601 female1557307 filly81087 gradient background16340 high res81225 looking back70879 mare589740 plot107027 s5 starlight2223 scootabutt659 speech bubble29673 this will end in communism312


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Background Pony #79A6
How’s this for a retelling?
>they bring spike, either ignoring the table or it doesn’t care
>still get captured
>Rarity realises Glimglam can always jet with whatever marks she grabs and hide
>likely will if she smells royal intervention
>uses shenanigans to get a letter back to ponyville
>CMC hear somepony’s handing out cutie marks
>they rush over asap
>join the club
>every marked member of the Hay-rison Percheron club is now as good at cooking as sweetie belle
>two days later, as the only person who didn’t have to stab their meals to death, the people of ourtown mob her to death
>problem solved
Just Wayne
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Umbreon is best Pokemon!
I figured just as much. The idea of her giving little kids equal marks before they could even get the feeling of having a Cutie Mark is a lot more terrible than I thought.
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Ruler of Sheep
Id imagine the spell has two parts. Making the equal sign mark and moving the old cutie mark, we could see her using the second part of the spell on Celestia and Luna when she switched their cutie marks
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Just Wayne
Elements of Harmony - Had an OC in the 2022 Community Collab

Umbreon is best Pokemon!
Now that I think about it, how would Starlight take away Cutie Mark if there wasn’t any Cutie Mark to begin with? There were foals in Starlight’s village so does that mean she could just put equal mark on them anyway?
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Background Pony #2AE8
I have a 100% feeling that if Starlight stripped Apple Bloom Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle of their cutie marks, that would be the end of the bronies.
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