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Commission for Severity Gray, CyberApple456 and Nova Saber! there has been an exponential increase in the number of shadowbolt drone pics in the last year or so and i am very glad to be a part of it
alt source
suggestive159958 artist:moonatik1032 twilight sparkle320142 oc778338 oc:chloe adore189 oc:coldlight bluestar149 alicorn253775 pony1207524 unicorn394603 bdsm8203 boots25935 briefcase168 chains5586 clipboard1400 collar37928 commission85278 cutie mark accessory610 cutie mark collar330 dungeon1059 female1502594 gas mask1378 horn98622 latex14097 latex suit4490 levitation13424 magic80852 mare557951 mask7886 ponytail20935 raised hoof54523 riding crop1942 rope13223 shadowbolt drone57 shadowbolts1813 shoes44516 telekinesis31422 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132485 unicorn oc17340 visor821


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Background Pony #8685
With so many shadowbolt drones, it makes me wonder when Moonatik herself is going to join in!
I think she’d make a sexy shadowbolt!