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Meet Saint Gloria :3

She is an angel pony tasked with working in equestria, in order to help ponies become nicer and steer them on the both of good. However she did not know that she would be stuck here, as although she tries to do good, she more foten then not ends up causing things t end up worse, and thus she's barred frm going home unless she can fix things. She's not very happy about it.

She's also not very happy that the fact that the only friend she has is a demon pony called Mistress Lucy Fur X)

Gloria is a mare that can see the good in almost anyone, and she is always there to try her best t help people However, she can often get annoyed by other's stubbornness and antics, and she herself can be quite stubborn too X)
But she is still a good pony that wants to help.
She has the ability to use powers of light, and she also has the ability to heal others wounds by touching the wound, healing it almost instantly.

As for her and Lucy, although they constantly fight and bicker and get on eachother's nerves, they do still care for eachother and have and on-off again relationship ;3
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