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Just thought it’d be helpful to have both images laid out like this together.
safe1754982 artist:yakovlev-vad511 edit136232 editor:band sickle19 nightmare moon17248 princess luna100925 alicorn233575 pony1014795 :<1086 >:3103 angry28169 blue background5565 boop7612 broken english145 cheek fluff5974 chest fluff41425 constellation795 crown18031 cute206206 duality4384 duo65069 duo female12033 ear fluff31427 engrish1588 ethereal mane8512 eye contact6625 female1405595 floppy ears54762 frown23644 glare8306 gradient background13482 grammar error1849 grin41229 grumpy2613 helmet11270 high res33177 hoof fluff2009 imminent murder197 it was at this moment that she knew she fucked up30 jewelry68762 knife5505 leg fluff3214 lidded eyes31907 looking at each other21559 lunabetes3641 magic75582 mare504038 nose wrinkle3079 noseboop2924 pocket knife6 pouting2022 regalia21238 s1 luna7418 scrunchy face7265 self ponidox8361 simple background410531 smiling262466 smirk13082 smug6298 spread wings57287 starry mane4580 sweat27758 switchblade26 telekinesis28818 temptation98 this will end in pain and/or death139 threatening375 wall of tags3678 weapon31492 wing fluff1707 wings123886


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Ironic, considering you called me a Karen, even went as far as question my word.
You must still not understand my point: if we let the idiots yelling “If you don’t like someone, or have any kinda opinion, you’re a hater” keep going at it, it never ends, and without the website staff not kicking them out, it especially won’t end.
In any case, I’m done talking about this.
Artist -

*Meme-ing Intensifies*
Honestly, it’s frustrating seeing how immature people are.  
One side is saying if you don’t like Luna, you must hate her. The other side is calling them Karens and claiming they don’t follow this undefined “logic”.
Both sides of the same coin of self-centered close-mindedness.
Artist -

*Meme-ing Intensifies*
I turn your attention to the edit tag.  
How is it edited, you ask? Because the two images were posted separately and I put them into one image together. I did it because I know some will like that I did it and it costs me nothing by a few seconds to do.  
I have to add the edit tag since that means it’s not in the original form.