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Just thought it’d be helpful to have both images laid out like this together.

safe2155527 artist:yakovlev-vad594 edit171425 editor:bandwidth23 nightmare moon20233 princess luna116322 alicorn310356 pony1583467 g42008463 :<1532 >:3166 angry36291 blue background10101 boop9261 broken english164 cheek fluff9230 chest fluff64003 concave belly3707 constellation1113 constellation hair178 crown29458 cute263296 death threat168 duality5362 duo164714 duo female29686 ear fluff49374 engrish1769 ethereal mane13170 eye contact7637 female1782409 floppy ears71975 folded wings18979 frown35624 glare9015 gradient background23913 grammar error2202 grin62073 grumpy3215 helmet15643 high res406258 hoof fluff3174 imminent murder256 it was at this moment that she knew she fucked up45 jewelry110856 knife7076 lacrimal caruncle155 leg fluff4823 lidded eyes46878 looking at each other33575 lunabetes4332 magic95609 mare728999 nose wrinkle3865 noseboop3638 pocket knife11 pouting2368 regalia35775 s1 luna8446 scrunchy face8204 self ponidox10257 simple background585983 slender5293 smiling390387 smirk17945 smug9005 spread wings92122 starry mane6999 sweat39890 switchblade28 telekinesis38610 temptation136 thin8194 this will end in pain and/or death267 threat531 threatening515 wall of tags6426 weapon40757 wing fluff2303 wings217417


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Background Pony #6EBB
Luna: You trick me ones but you will not trick twist!
Nightmare moon: Where you start to fight back?
Luna: You can thanks the girls and my sister, plus this cool movie!
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Ironic, considering you called me a Karen, even went as far as question my word.
You must still not understand my point: if we let the idiots yelling “If you don’t like someone, or have any kinda opinion, you’re a hater” keep going at it, it never ends, and without the website staff not kicking them out, it especially won’t end.
In any case, I’m done talking about this.
Artist -

Polyamory Is Magic
Honestly, it’s frustrating seeing how immature people are.  
One side is saying if you don’t like Luna, you must hate her. The other side is calling them Karens and claiming they don’t follow this undefined “logic”.
Both sides of the same coin of self-centered close-mindedness.
Artist -

Polyamory Is Magic  
I turn your attention to the edit tag.  
How is it edited, you ask? Because the two images were posted separately and I put them into one image together. I did it because I know some will like that I did it and it costs me nothing by a few seconds to do.  
I have to add the edit tag since that means it’s not in the original form.