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Some lilttle thing i did for summer, models made by:

Sorry for the absence i been not feeling the best.
#MLP #MLPFiM #summer
safe1725401 artist:legions2086 applejack171403 fluttershy214727 pinkie pie218051 rainbow dash236036 rarity183478 sci-twi24623 sunset shimmer63787 twilight sparkle302898 equestria girls202997 equestria girls series33596 3d77960 barefoot27954 beach15332 belly button79358 bikini18492 clothes466606 cute202630 feet40613 female1379900 glasses63007 humane five3485 humane seven2597 humane six3310 lesbian98024 midriff19564 one-piece swimsuit4531 rarijack7108 running6050 sarong1055 shipping202593 shorts14219 sitting64303 summer1437 swimsuit28830 twolight1178 wetsuit774


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Background Pony #46F7
Koikatsu Party, it's actually a pretty versatile program even if you have no experience. Would recommend if it weren't for the steep pricetag.

Speaking of which, can anyone link me to these cards? I really like these models, but unfortunately Horsecat appears to have deleted their Patreon so the zip with the models is no longer accessible.
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