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I take it that the trip was a little bit… exciting?


Had a little bit of a technical issue in this one. Lost some progress, but not my spirit! I managed to finish it on the same day it did; so here it is in all its glory.

Also I've taken to painting the backgrounds. Let me know what you think!
safe1725583 artist:firefanatic370 stronghoof hoofstrong12 velvet reindeer1376 deer5919 reindeer2037 comic:friendship management30 them's fightin' herds4632 adorable distress569 chest fluff40005 comic110147 community related4298 complaining112 crying44095 cute202678 dialogue66457 distressed133 fluffy14408 pouting1997 soaked130 stomping654 talking5865 what is hoo-man73


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Background Pony #AF49
"AWw bOo hOo hOo hOo, I'm trYiNg tO gEt pEoPLe tO fEEl sORrY fOr ME vILe I huRL iNSulTS At EVeRyONe!" -Arizona Cow
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