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seems glim has been listening to the buffalo
safe1974682 artist:t72b1178 starlight glimmer55397 twilight sparkle333322 alicorn275066 pegasus408184 pony1327108 alternate hairstyle33522 axe1958 boots28426 braid7942 butt180110 face paint1137 female1606297 gun18652 headband4652 historical roleplay starlight90 lever action rifle57 mare619902 mouth hold21262 native american171 plot116645 rifle4401 scalping10 shocked8947 shoes49727 tail66842 tomahawk34 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138745 warpaint6 weapon36700 winchester8


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It is also important to bear in mind that conflicts between tribes and warriors were far less lethal than we might think today. the unwarranted killing of another between tribes could cause retribution or war. so they would do stuff like that to show feats of daring and skill.
but of course you need to take into account the tribes, time, place, war-footing etc.
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Don'think ighly o'Sicily
Could’ve been worse, Twilight, she could’ve gone for the head!
It being a scalping joke aside, this is also something like the better thing she could have done. To the plains tribes of the American west going into a fight was honorable, but it was more honorable to do it hand to hand than with a bow or rifle, but more honorable still to simply approach an enemy and slap them or otherwise physically humiliate them and run away and survive, or to do any number of dangerous things and then live to tell the tale and collect the glories.
So really, her running up to and cutting off her tail and taking it as a trophy is higher respect than if she had just clubbed Twilight in the head, according to the practice of counting coup
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