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Someone is following your steps!😻 always do your best !!!🤭
My new drawing for Gen 5!!! I hope you like it friend!!!!!
Retweets and likes are soooo apreciated!!!
safe1974475 artist:stainedglasslighthea129 twilight sparkle333286 alicorn275016 pony1326882 the last problem7188 colored wings9941 crown25056 curved horn9079 cute236801 cutie mark52107 ethereal mane10864 female1606062 hoof shoes7581 horn117734 jewelry91565 mare619774 multicolored mane3124 multicolored tail2235 multicolored wings4029 older34246 older twilight2684 peytral5132 princess twilight 2.03243 regalia29936 simple background503178 solo1270695 starry mane5935 twiabetes13874 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138727 white background130737 wings175753


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