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safe1921631 alternate version64575 artist:symbianl435 apple bloom55270 earth pony339505 pony1268969 adorabloom3399 blushing231323 cheek fluff7555 colored underhoof39 cute228715 dock59563 ear fluff39650 female1556655 filly81038 floppy ears62424 fluffy16256 heart58413 heart hoof811 leg fluff3717 looking at you207724 prehensile tail981 smiling316065 solo1227266 tail hold521 upside down6372


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As cool as a prehensile tail would be for ponyos to have, sadly (in this case) more than half the tail is usually just hair:  
So I imagine in true comic fashion for gravity to suddenly remember that it’s a thing  
and AB to fall TO HER DOOM unto Big Mac’s strong back cause he looks out for his little sisters x3

You think she went bat crazy?
On a serious note though… How in the world can that be comfortable having your entire body weight on your hair? At least this dragon myself have a tail. Can’t imagin hanging by my hair though. lol
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Background Pony #3EA3
Well, when you live on an apple farm that can attract vampire fruit bats, it’s more surprising no other known Apples became one.
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