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Rarity has one of those not so good days and handles it with grace and elegance. =w=b

safe2152687 artist:symbianl458 part of a set22827 rarity215713 pony1580579 unicorn527988 g42005103 adorable distress885 angry dog noises64 blushing268556 bushy brows299 cheek fluff9186 crying54928 cute262974 dialogue90945 distressed261 drama queen316 ear fluff49148 female1779084 floppy ears71819 fluffy19244 high res405949 horn178362 leg fluff4784 mare727157 marshmelodrama986 meme93179 open mouth232646 raribetes6968 rarity being rarity590 rarity is a marshmallow489 solo1408529 speech bubble38069 teary eyes6731 the worst possible thing127


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Aand now it seems we are back to this set.
Any reason why Fluttershy is not made yet? Just curious.
Regardless, I think this is the second to last Mane Six character to be drawn up, so Fluttershy should be up next. Shame she had to be the last pony in this set, but I guess you saved the best for last.