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Going back to my random next gens for this one.

Fluttershy kept in touch with Dr Caballeron. So when she found out his youngest son's interest is to learn more about the unique creatures, monsters and animals of the world and seeing them, she thought he would love to meet the two known draconequuses (this was before Mayhem and Anarchy born).
Needless to say, young Gutsy was excited to do so.

Refresher, Gutsy is the youngest son of Dr Caballeron and Daring Do. He's a young teen here.
safe1728088 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen925 discord31390 fluttershy214988 oc698403 oc:gusty6 oc:serenity271 draconequus12253 pegasus300414 chest fluff40094 draconequus oc1443 ear fluff30374 meeting161 open mouth150052 parent:daring do181 parent:discord3442 parent:fluttershy5020 pegasus oc12064 wing fluff1656


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The interesting thing about discord is that he really isn't much of a spirit, he has a physical form which operates like a normal body so he could have kids through regular means like the image shows. While his being is made of chaos given he almost disappeared without it, its possible there were other members of his race that maybe he doesn't know about given he is a legit creature and he just so happened to be born as the most powerful one. Yeah I definitely would have loved that story
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Sunny Starscout fan
Honestly, I am wondering that, as well. Discord is clearly more than just a 'Spirit of Chaos', a term that part of me feels like he uses to make himself feel more confident in many situations. I have always wondered if there was a former race of Draconecequi that went extinct hundreds of years ago, leaving Discord as the last of his race. It would have certainly been a neat story idea, that's for sure.

This is some fun artstyle and a interesting storyline. I have wondered why no one in series has asked discord more questions about himself especially when Hes just walking around ponyvillie. He is the only known of his kind after all in-show, id try to get to know more about him.