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Reduced lewdity version, because why not
safe1703785 alternate version45238 artist:dosh109 princess luna99031 alicorn223989 pony965093 friendship is magic2871 both cutie marks10390 butt58417 crown16880 cute199382 dock49835 featureless crotch6887 female1360573 frog (hoof)12921 high res29106 hooves17832 jewelry63386 mare479287 moon23411 moonbutt3395 night26279 night sky1785 outdoors10643 plot78784 regalia19854 s1 luna7270 sky14112 smiling247564 solo1062351 stars15555 underhoof51995


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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The explicit one's good, but a featureless crotch where you can obviously tell the rump from the buttocks wipes floors with the explicit one :D <3

Best princess <3
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