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POV: Local retired goddess asks you to sit next to her after you helped her out moving some furniture.

I hope y'all like this, I'm really happy with how this milf-lestia came out. <3
suggestive143311 artist:longinius817 princess celestia95143 alicorn225076 anthro260820 alternate hairstyle28172 big breasts82289 blushing198173 breasts278395 busty princess celestia10245 cleavage34656 clothes460752 ear piercing26448 earring21241 erect nipples10782 female1366002 heart48480 high res29873 huge breasts38383 jewelry64019 milf9625 momlestia fuel102 monochrome149920 necklace18857 nipple outline7545 piercing41316 solo1066347 sweater14536 traditional art117984


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Background Pony #CD34
Tia's not a mom (that we know of), but it'd be pretty tough to find a mare more motherly.