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I haven’t seen any shipping of the g5 ponies so I’ll do it myself!!
Idk why I even like them together, we don’t even really know what their personalities are😭 I just thought that Zipp looks serious and Sunny looks friendly and I love that couple combination so I started shipping them.
Sunny is honestly my fav of the g5 pones, I’ll try to draw more art of them later on. I’m no good at drawing ponies, or wings, that’s why I left out Zipp’s🤧

safe2197657 artist:thedefinitionofsad10 sunny starscout22276 zipp storm17527 earth pony514764 pony1628074 g578277 abstract background24867 blushing279134 boop9434 braid10195 duo178587 female1829039 heart78523 lesbian119105 looking at each other35287 mare758088 noseboop3734 ship:sunnystorm46 shipping257504 smiling405865 unamused24386 wingless8032


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