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Jack Pot was a famous magician in Equestria. He had toured and traveled  
to many places around the Kingdom, bedazzling audiences with his spectacular  
magic and mysterious tricks. And by his side through it all, was his assistant: A  
mare who went by the name of Showcase Spectacle. The two had been through  
quite a lot on their tour, from their failures to their eventual successes. But after  
one particularly enchanting performance, the two decided to celebrate with something  
special, a night of passion. After that night however, and as time went on, Showcase  
somehow had changed. She wasn’t as energetic as she used to be, and it really showed  
when her performances began to suffer. Ashamed, she mysteriously disappeared,  
leaving behind only a letter and a single rose for Jack Pot to find, informing him that her  
time as his assistant and lover was finished. Despite his desperate efforts to find her,  
the heartbroken,and jaded magician was left with no choice but to carry on alone.  
But many years later, during his biggest show ever, Jackpot was suddenly joined on-stage  
by a mysterious mare. Their show was, unexpectedly, beyond magical. Why the only other  
mare he knew who could perform in such a way was his lost love. But it wasn’t until the  
mare removed her hat and mask, that he was left aghast. She had heard many stories  
about him from her mother, and decided to become a magician herself as a means to  
become closer to him. She stared at him with tears in her eyes as the spotlight gleamed  
above them both; Her heart beating rapidly. Would he accept her? Or not?
I’ve been doing a lot of things about parents lately haven’t I? XD
I got inspired by the idea behind Trixie’s parents, especially the idea of her  
father being unaware of her existence, so I devised this short story.  
I believe the producers said her mother’s name would be Spectacle  
or Showcase or something of the sort, so I combined the two together:  
Showcase Spectacle. It has a nice ring to it. Sorry for the lack of uploads  
these past couple weeks. I’ve been dealing with some things in RL,  
but I’m back and feeling good. ;) (Wink)
Published: Feb 23, 2021


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Background Pony #3DE3
Trixie was the potential for being a greater character for her realism. Probably a very, very tragic backstory, her father never meet her. Instead of a pumped girl like Twilight.
Background Pony #8CBE
i suggest some of yall start uploading heavysplatters stuff here, theyve got really nice art and itd be a shame if it all disappeared suddenly