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Because TwilyIsBestPone. 🥰😊


Body taken from >>2279419, hence why I tagged that episode as well.🤗

Second-fastest Derpibooru vector at 50 minutes. 🕝
safe1750876 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan301 derpibooru exclusive29316 twilight sparkle306194 alicorn232946 pony1010858 sparkle's seven1683 the summer sun setback1115 .svg available8464 absurd resolution67010 art challenge32 cropped50481 cute205734 cute face156 cuteness overload192 exploitable1165 faic12535 female1402211 full body2349 happy32188 lincolnbrewsterfan is trying to murder us13 meme83386 open mouth154463 pudding face186 solo1094586 svg3702 twiabetes12269 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126204 twilight sparkle is best facemaker101 vector77859


not provided yet


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